Why I Keep calling on the days it looks like

No results

Recently I was cold calling for a client and  everyone said  no, not interested.

More not interested than usual.

So I pressed on and felt like I was hitting a brick wall

Finally on the last call of the day after 3 hours of calling and 118 calls,  I  finally got an appointment for my client.

My client was happy and so was I.

My clients pay me be for results



Why I take self development to improve

my business skills

Recently I took a  30 hour self development course

Why I do it? What do I get out of it?

My skills  improve in the area of cold calling and

my communications skills are sharper and I do

better results for my clients.

My Clients are happy and I am happy for the better results

To stay always current I tell my clients when I take a self

development course on a weekend

“I am getting a human software upgrade”



How Persistence Pays off in Cold Calling

I had a slow day last week. I only got one appointment in the morning, and one appointment in the afternoon, which is a slow day for me.

Today I got seven appointments in the morning, and five appointments in the afternoon.

How did I increase my appointments from two appointments in a day to 12 appointments in a day?

Persistence. After 27 years of cold calling, that’s the name of the game of cold calling – persistence.


Consistent and persistent – that’s me!

People often ask me “how have you been able to keep cold calling for so many years.”

Actually – I’ve been cold calling for 26 years now.

The reason I can keep doing it is because I love it. I love getting good results.

And – I’m persistent by nature. Just ask my wife.

My average client stays with me for five years. New clients often discover I can wear out their sales team long before

I am consistent and persistent – and – I love to win.

Winning for me is getting lots of leads for my clients.

Blog – Feb. 24, 2016

In the last year I have worked myself out of a job more than once. It’s a negative side effect of a positive situation.

Sales forces are often unable to keep up with the number of leads I can supply. This is a good thing, but when I exhaust a companies ability to keep up with my ability to generate leads, it means I must look for new contracts.

Several times this year I have been asked to slow down.

It makes me happy to know that I can fulfill the needs of my clients.



Blog – Dec. 9, 2015

I believe December is a great month for calling for my clients.

Why do I believe this?

Well, for one thing, I know I can get great results for my clients.

The other is, I get great results for my clients in December,  especially clients that are in Sales.

My clients ask me to call in December, not only to set up appointments  in December, but to also set up appointments in January to get
a head start so they are ready to go in the New Year.

Blog – Nov. 30, 2015

Today I had one of those days. The kind that could make me feel discouraged,
if I didn’t know there is a rhythm to cold calling. And, I am willing to dance.
I worked very hard for the first two hours and found no leads at all.

In the last hour, when I was feeling a little tired, and perhaps more relaxed,
I booked 3 promising appointments.

That’s the life of a cold caller.



Blog – Nov. 16, 2015

Today I was calling for 3 hours.  The first 2 hours I had zero appointments.
After doing this for 25 years, I know things can turn around for the better.

So not giving up in the last hour, I booked 3 appointments.

I have done cold calling for so long now that lots of times I have booked
appointments in the last hour, and sometimes in the last few minutes of the


Good news, Bad news.


I had one of those good news/bad news emails this week.
It says, “Your efforts have been so successful we were wondering if you could put the pause button on your calls for a few weeks.  We are scrambling to catch up.”

The good news – I was very successful in generating leads for this company.

The bad news – I worked myself out of a job for a while.

Oh well – I am very happy that they are happy. And I know they’ll be back.

They may have to hire a few more people to deal with the number of leads that
I generate.



When I want to feel prosperous,

I go to my local Chinese restaurant.


Strange?  No – not really.

You see, when I enter that particular restaurant, I am immediately treated like a very important and prosperous person.  I am shown to the best table, called by my first name, and special food is prepared for me – food that suits my health needs.

I am one of a growing number of gluten-intolerant people.  I’m also lactose- intolerant.  Finding a restaurant where I can take clients for meals without feeling embarrassed by having to explain at length the need for gluten-free and dairy-free food, and leave knowing that I am not going to be sick for days, is not easy…

Finally, one day I decided I needed to develop a new strategy for client lunches.

I walked into my local Chinese restaurant, asked for the best table and handed the greeter a $20 bill.

The woman looked startled, but took me to a great, quiet table and did not even blink when I handed her my own gluten-free soy sauce and explained that I absolutely could not have gluten or dairy in my food.

My client arrived shortly.  We had an extremely successful meeting and I noticed he was impressed with the service and the respect I was shown.  We sealed the contract.

Ever since that day I used the same strategy.  I always arrive at the restaurant a little early, pass over the $20 bill, get the best table, and I am always served delicious, fresh, safe food.  My clients are always impressed with how important the staff seems to think I am.

I always add a generous tip at the end of the meal as well, to be sure the whole staff, including the kitchen, is taken care off.

It’s a small outlay of money in comparison to the benefits I reap, not the least of which is a sense of what it’s like to be treated as if I am rich and prosperous.

Lately I have been given the honor of being able to keep my own private stock of gluten-free soy sauce at the restaurant.

It feels good!



End of Summer.

I have just completed another successful summer season. Most people think the summer is slow for business. It has never been slow for me, or my clients. I believe this is because I believe I will succeed. So far this attitude has worked for me for all the years I have worked as a cold caller.



Getting Past the Gatekeeper.

One of the reasons I am successful as a cold caller is that I have a knack of getting past the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper is the person who is hired to keep pests from bothering the decision-maker. I am definitely not a pest. I know in my heart that if I can speak to the person in charge, I will be offering that person a service they will want to take advantage of.

 I only work for clients who are of the highest integrity, with services or products that will be a benefit to the people I am contacting. The gatekeepers seem to sense my sincerity, and in most cases they allow me to speak to the person who will be willing to speak to my client.




Anyone who knows me knows that I am enthusiastic about my work. Most people hate cold calling. For some reason I am the exception. However, even I have days when I feel a bit discouraged, especially if I’ve spent the whole day talking to people who do not want to talk to me.

Last week I had an experience that reminded me why I love cold calling. I had worked all day in the heat, dealt with several cranky gatekeepers, and at 4:30 PM was feeling – to put it mildly, a little bit discouraged. I was tempted to make it a short day, but, decided to work on until 5 o’clock. I took a deep breath, put a smile in my voice, and forged on.

Much to my delight I made three appointments for my client in that last half hour.

My mother says my middle name is persistence.

It works!


Special Testimonial Letter

I received a testimonial letter today that really made me happy. You can see it on my site. The man who wrote it is no longer a client. Unfortunately the company he worked with went through major changes and he could no longer use my services. Happily for me, he wrote a recommendation that summed up how he felt about my work. It’s a great recommendation and it made me feel REALLY good to be so acknowledged, especially when someone does it in such detail. He described how I work, what I do, and even how I do it.

Please take a look it on my site.


Not normal

Recently, while I was attending a networking meeting, I was told that I was “not normal”.
For a few minutes I was quite upset, as anyone would be. The moderator of the meeting had shushed me when I was trying to break in – as men tend to do – while she was counseling someone on telephone marketing. When I tried to talk about my experience, she told me that I was “not normal”.
It was only later, that she explained that my average, which is around 35% success, for a day, is certainly not normal for telephone marketers.
She explained to me that most people, who market on the phone, are pleased to get one sale per day.

I licked my wounds, and finally took the “not normal” as a complement, rather than a put down.



Writing the Script

This week I did cold calling for a local software company. In most cases I write the script that I will use for cold calling. It’s one of the services I offer. I usually sit down with the client and my iPad, and work out exactly what the client wants to get across about their product.
In this case, the client wrote the script. It worked out awesomely. The response was really good, and I was very happy, got great results. And the client was happy too.

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