Phone Marketing

B. MacClayne and Co. specializes in Business-to-Business phone marketing for companies of any size.  If you have considered using a phone marketer for any of your Sales and Marketing efforts, Blaise is available to plan a campaign and arrange a suitable calling schedule that will meet your needs.

  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Information Gathering
  • Business to Business Calling
  • To Cold Calling Strategist
  • Follow-Up Coaching


New Clients:  4-SessIon  Trial

With new clients, Blaise offers a 4-SessIon Trial, which consists of a series of 4 sessions at 3 hours each session. The purpose of this trial period is to fine-tune the script and establish how this form of marketing works best for you.

Before he starts the 4-SessIon Trial, Blaise provides a free 1-1/2 hour consultation.  This enables him to learn about your company and, together with an experienced member of your staff, will write the script that will be the basis of what to say when making your calls.  You supply the list of phone numbers to call.  After each of the 4 sessions, you can review the progress of the marketing campaign with Blaise.

All work is paid up front on the first day of calling.

After the trial period is over, clients are encouraged to evaluate their ongoing needs in terms of phone marketing.  A regular schedule can be developed that will provide appointments and leads that will keep you growing your customer base through both lean and busy times.


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